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Helping Leaders Emerge:

Holistic Approach to Branding, Leadership, and Growth."

It's to Come into View

At Emerge Consulting, we are not just consultants; we are creative catalysts. We inspire others through our own work, ideas, and by facilitating environments conducive to creativity. As mentors, leaders, and peers, we challenge and encourage businesses to think outside the box. Specializing in empowering leaders and reshaping corporate cultures, we blend branding expertise, social emotional intelligence, and faith-driven principles to offer tailored solutions that meet the dynamic needs of today's businesses.

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What We Offer:

  1. Workshops: Our interactive sessions are designed to ignite Kingdom entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and resources to create, develop, and overcome challenges like imposter syndrome, comparison, and fear. We delve deep into branding essentials, ensuring that your company's identity resonates with its core values and target audience.

  2. Consulting: We collaborate closely with corporate entities, offering insights and strategies to step into their market authority. From navigating the digital world to captivating audiences, we ensure that your brand stands out and makes a lasting impact.

  3. Coaching: Our one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored for leaders looking to enhance their personal and professional growth. We focus on building social emotional intelligence, helping leaders understand and manage their emotions, and effectively communicate with their teams.


Why Choose Emerge Consulting?

  • Expertise: With a decade-long journey in the entrepreneurial realm, our founder has transitioned from brand and website development to coaching clients on business and creative confidence.

  • Community: We believe in the power of community. Our extended network, "A Bolder Woman," is a testament to our commitment to building supportive environments where leaders can thrive.

  • Faith-Driven Approach: Our principles are rooted in faith, ensuring that our strategies not only drive business success but also align with deeper, purpose-driven goals.


Leaders and corporations looking to redefine their brand, enhance their leadership skills, and make a significant impact in their industry are invited to partner with Emerge Consulting. Let's embark on a transformative journey together.

One-Time Payment

2 Hour Strategic Coaching Call

✓ Get Strategic insight
and confidence in your online business
✓ Get customized plan to fulfill goals to creatively execute digital ideas
✓ Get resources and answers to your most stifling creative 
✓ Get next steps to strategize with what you currently have access to to move into your assignment.


One-Time Payment

1 Hour 
Clarity Call

✓ Get insight on your painpoints
✓ Get Strategic insight
and confidence in your online business
✓ Get next steps to strategize with what you currently have access to to move into your assignment.
✓ Get clarity on where to start with digital content such as videos, podcast, e-books, courses and drop shipping stores.


One-Time Payment

 Creative Brand

✓ Creative Direction
✓ Get strategy on
digital content 
✓ Get strategy on digital live-streaming production
✓ Get brand and image consulting 
✓ Get next steps to strategize with what you currently have access to to move into your assignment.
✓ Get creative for digital or in-person events

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I don't know what I need or I need hire your company for hybrid assistance and design work.

What Clients Say

I can’t say thank you enough for my clarity call today. It is a complete blessing to have you not only speak life into me but help me to understand how much I desire to be closer to God. How healing is Gods  desire for me and going the extra mile to help me along this journey. I’m so hopeful for the calling god has for me and grateful for the calling he has given you. I declare forgiveness and healing over myself so I can spread it to the world. I receive your prayers and encouragement over me  and receive Gods love over me too. Thank you thank you thank you God bless!😊 -LL

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