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how I help!


Welcome to Emerge With Liv, where purpose meets empowerment and creativity sparks transformation. I'm Olivia, a multifaceted visionary, author, creative catalyst, and coach dedicated to guiding purpose-driven leaders towards their fullest potential.

As the owner of Emerge Consulting and the visionary behind A Bolder Woman, my mission is clear: to assist purpose-driven leaders in birthing their God-given ideas while dismantling emotional distresses. Through coaching, consulting, workshops, trainings, and digital products, I serve as a bridge, connecting individuals to their gifts, creativity, and confidence.

My passion lies in seeing individuals release their unique sound, amplifying their voices by leveraging their stories and expertise to serve as bridges for others. I believe in celebrating authenticity and empowering individuals to embrace their true identity, free from the constraints of doubt or fear.

At Kingdom Igniter, we understand the importance of nurturing confidence and clarity. That's why we're committed to creating spaces and atmospheres that foster growth and empowerment. Whether you're navigating a career transition, seeking to amplify your digital presence, or simply striving to unlock your fullest potential, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our approach goes beyond traditional coaching; we also prioritize teaching the creative components that could hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit, ensuring that implementation is seamless and effective.

What I Do

  • Workshops for Kingdom Entrepreneurs: I conduct transformative workshops designed to ignite Kingdom entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and strategies to build and flourish in their businesses.

  • Resources for Creation & Development: I provide invaluable resources that guide individuals on how to create, develop, and sustain their ventures.

  • Speaking Engagements: I address pivotal topics such as value, imposter syndrome, comparison, and fear, shedding light on these challenges and offering actionable solutions.

  • Leadership Coaching: I work closely with leaders, guiding them to step away from the sidelines and walk in their God-given authority, both in ministry and the marketplace.

  • Digital Empowerment: In this digital age, I help individuals confidently and boldly step out, teaching them to use their voice effectively to captivate their audience and make a lasting impact.

  • Unmuzzling Women: I am passionate about helping women find their voice. From guiding them to go live, assisting in writing and publishing books, to developing live sessions and building impactful programs, I am there every step of the way.


In 2016 God began telling me He had more for me, so in 2017 when I got laid off from my corporate job it was no surprise with the exception that I had nothing else lined up.


I had been doing freelance design work since 2013 but never thought it was an option to work for myself until that was the only option left. I started off designing websites, brand kits and crappy flyers but over time became a pro. 


When the money was not coming in enough I lost everything except my car that was months behind. I moved in with my parents and worked 10-14 hours per day in my car or co-working spaces. 

During that time I grew in patience, trust, vision and became desperate to utilize my gifts to serve others. My ability to see even without experience and then execute allowed me access many opportunities to style clients and creatively direct photoshoots, develop brands, help clients tell stories, curate events, pivot ministries digitally and coach the dream deprived

I learned to trust God with my little and watched him move in mighty ways even in areas I felt completely inadequate for.  In the process of all that I found myself coaching many clients who lacked faith, feared stepping out of their comfort zone,  could not see the value of telling their stories and needed to be encouraged and ignited to pursue a purpose driven life.


Today I am able to watch my clients apply the tools and information I taught them to build, create,  walk more boldly.


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