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2 day course:

Embark on a transformative journey through a 2-day workshop (replay) identifies  and dismantles impostor syndrome, whilst kindling a flame of self-assurance and divine purpose within you. Here are some pivotal points and offerings from the workshop:


  • Understanding Impostor Syndrome: Delve into exploring and understanding the roots and manifestations of impostor syndrome that has silently directed your path.

  • Unlocking Potential: An endeavor to ignite assurance in your identity, divine purpose, and the latent potential nestled within your being, so you can stride boldly into your calling.

  • Creation of a Digital eBook: Engage in a hands-on activity, where we'll create a digital eBook that eloquently displays your wisdom to your target audience, becoming a testament to your depth and insights.

  • Guidance and Strategy Development: Receive personalized guidance through every step of eBook creation and strategizing effective ways to connect with your audience, ensuring your wisdom resonates with those it is meant to touch.

  • Utilizing AI Technology: Acquire knowledge on how to utilize AI technology for content creation, ensuring that your eBook not only embodies your wisdom but also is crafted with finesse and technological adeptness.

  • Leaping into the Unexplored: Encouragement to dive into a realm of untapped creative potential, navigating through the inhibiting fear and nurturing resilience that propels a leap into the profound depths of faith.

  • Spiritual and Practical Insights: A blend of spiritual wisdom and practical insights to dismantle restrictive mental and spiritual patterns, enabling you to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

  • Interrogating the Invisible Boundaries: Engage in dialogues and activities designed to question and tear down the invisible boundaries that have been inhibiting your full expression and stepping into the space God has called you into.


God, seeing you in every struggle and every low, has chosen you, and it's time to step forth, not as a fraud, but as a beacon of His divine creativity and authority. Let's collectively dismantle impostor syndrome and stride confidently into our God-appointed places, letting our lights shine unbridled.



Ebook: Becoming Unmasked: Dismantling Imposter Syndrome and Stepping into Place


"Becoming Unmasked" profoundly explores battling imposter syndrome, emphasizing embracing our unique identities and capabilities through divine recognition. The book encourages confident role assumption, underscores the importance of goal-setting and mentorship, and navigates development paths with God's guidance. It inspires readers to reveal their God-given identity and mitigate imposter syndrome, advocating for reliance on God's strength in times of doubt.

No More Imposter Syndrome Bundle

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