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She's Got a Story: Unleashing the Power of Your Story and Expertise" is more than just a book—it's a comprehensive guide, a coaching session in written form, and a framework for aspiring authors. In this empowering resource, readers are taken on a transformative journey to embrace the value of their stories and contributions. From overcoming hindrances to identifying solutions, author Olivia equips readers with the tools and resources they need to write their book with confidence and purpose.

This guide is a culmination of the expertise typically sought from multiple professionals, including book writing coaches, mentors, and consultants. However, everything readers need to navigate the writing process is found within these pages. With a focus on biblical principles and stories, readers learn how to craft their narrative, identify their audience, and effectively sell and launch their book.

But "She's Got a Story" doesn't stop at book writing. It goes further to teach readers how to leverage AI, design, and self-publish their book, offering practical tactics and strategies for success. Additionally, readers discover how to expand their story into digital products, classes, journals, and workbooks, maximizing the monetization potential of their message.

Overflowing with comprehensive and practical details, this guide ensures that writers don't delay in sharing their message with the world. Through "She's Got a Story," readers will unlock the full potential of their story and expertise, impacting lives and fulfilling their calling with confidence and purpose.


The Book covers:

  • Guides readers through exploring their personal stories and embracing their values
  • Provides insights on overcoming hindrances and identifying solutions
  • Teaches how to craft the narrative of one's story and where to get started
  • Includes biblical principles and stories to provide spiritual guidance
  • Offers practical guidance on identifying target audiences and selling strategies
  • Provides tips on leveraging artificial intelligence and launching books
  • Covers self-publishing tactics and creating digital products
  • Explores turning one's story into courses, journals, and workbooks
  • Offers pricing strategies and frameworks for monetization
  • Equips aspiring authors with comprehensive tools and resources for their writing journey

She's Got a Story (Book Only)

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