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Let's get you on the road to unburying, cultivating and creating.

what to expect

When working with me in a Strategy/Creative Direction Session, 1:1 or through my courses and e-books.

Clarity &

Get Ready To Take  A Leap....

You are a SOLUTIONIST and it can be quite difficult stirring up your gift when 


It may also be a struggle if you have no idea on how to start with getting your message out and exactly who to get the message to. 

Cultivating the creativity to build really comes from gaining clarity in your identity, your current assignment and the problem you solve. 

As a Confidence Coach and Digital Creative Producer I am called into the digital space where I help women share their message, teach/educate others, build their brands and leap digitally by creating videos, writing or creating products.

Clock and Plant

You Have Already
Been Validated And

Now it's time to do the work. Ways

to work with me:

One-Time Payment

2 Hour Intensive Coaching Call

✓ Get Strategic insight
and confidence in your online business
✓ Get customized plan to fulfill goals to creatively execute digital ideas
✓ Get resources and answers to your most stifling creative 


Monthly Subsciption

Emerge + Create

✓ Get access to all mini and masterclasses
✓ Weekly encouragement and exclusive lives monthly
✓ 10% off of all   merchandise and apparel 


cancel anytime 
Launching November 1st
Check out our Confidence to Create Course Available 
Payment Plan Avail.

Emerge Group

4 week program, 1:1 and accountability 
✓ Establish clarity in your message and audience
✓ Ignite your faith, confidence and boldness to show with consistency
✓ Get access to brand development training
✓ Learn to curate in bulk to cover months of content
✓ Learn to create digital products to better serve your audience. Finish program with outline and resources
✓ Weekly trainings, Q&As,  and assignments

its time to move differently

Image by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger

What Clients Say

Liv has brought so much clarity to me. I had no idea where to start with making a digital impact, but her expertise is unmatched and her heart is so pure in helping me reach my goals. -WK
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