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A Collective Devotion About Women of Faith Who Got Up

Are you ready to share your story and inspire others? "Get Up Girl" is calling for contributors to join a remarkable group of 21 women, each sharing their deeply personal stories of resilience, faith, and courage. This is more than just a book; it's a testament to the strength found in faith amidst life's greatest challenges. Your narrative could be the bridge that helps another woman cross over into healing and empowerment.

Your journey, interwoven with scripture, will offer a spiritual roadmap, guiding readers through darkness with your testimony of overcoming obscurity, mental distress, life’s upheavals, and daunting obstacles. This devotional isn’t just a collection of stories; it’s a movement. It connects the experiences of biblical women with those of today, showing that while times change, our struggles and triumphs remain constant.

This is your chance to become a published author, to share your transformative journey, and to emerge as a beacon of hope and solidarity. Each chapter in "Get Up Girl" pairs a woman's story with a biblical scripture, reflecting the guiding force of faith in navigating life's storms.

Join us in this journey of healing, hope, and renewal. Be a part of a community that celebrates the unbreakable spirit of women of faith. Share your story, rediscover your strength, reclaim your faith, and rise with us. Let "Get Up Girl" be your companion in showing the world the power of getting up.

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Get Up Girl is a collaboration of 21 remarkable women as they share their deeply personal stories of resilience, faith, and courage. This collective devotion is more than a book; it's a powerful testament to the strength found in faith amidst life's greatest challenges. Each narrative is a raw, honest account of overcoming through obscurity, battling mental distress, enduring life’s shakings, and facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These stories are interwoven with scriptures, offering a spiritual roadmap that has guided these women through their darkest times. Get Up Girl is a resonant call to all women who are seeking a beacon of hope in their struggles.


This devotional is more than a collection of stories. It's a movement, inspiring women to rise, to reclaim their faith, and to recognize their own power and purpose. It serves as a bridge, connecting the experiences of biblical women with those of contemporary women, proving that while times may change, the essence of our struggles and triumphs remains constant. This book isn’t just about getting up; it's about a transformative journey that empowers women to emerge stronger from their trials. Each chapter highlights a different woman's journey, paired with a specific biblical scripture that encapsulates her experience. These scriptures serve as anchors, offering wisdom and insight into how faith can be a guiding force in navigating life's storms.


"Get Up Girl" is a beacon of solidarity and strength, a reminder that you are not alone in your struggles. It's for the woman who has been down on their side but refuses to stay there. It’s for the woman who seeks to understand the depth of her strength through faith. It's for every woman who has ever searched for meaning in the midst of hardship and found it in the enduring power of faith and community. Embark on this journey of healing, hope, and renewal. Let "Get Up Girl" be your companion as you discover the power of getting up and the unbreakable spirit of women of faith. This book promises to touch hearts, stir souls, and ignite a collective strength that can overcome any obstacle. Rediscover your strength. Reclaim your faith. Rise with us.


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About Liv Arnold

Liv Arnold is a dynamic coach, creative catalyst, and a guiding force in the marketplace, known as a 'marketplace midwife.' She is deeply committed to empowering women of faith to embrace their authority, calling, and confidence. Having navigated through her own periods of obscurity, Liv has dedicated her life to elevating other women, encouraging them to step forward with boldness and confidence, and use their gifts, testimonies, and lives to glorify God.

Liv founded Emerge Boldly Publishing, a company with a mission that extends beyond traditional publishing. Her goal is to not only publish inspiring books but also to help women amplify their voices in the media sphere. Through this, she aims to cultivate a culture rooted in Christ, where women's voices are heard, valued, and celebrated for their transformative impact.

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